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Benefits of Joining CM & CRF

To function successfully in the adult world, youths benefit from opportunities presented through sport-related projects and programs adopted by the foundation. We prepare youths for maturity through experiential methods of learning which are often commonly used in our programs in sports settings.

We understand the travails confronting youths in Nigeria and Africa, a horrible state of deprivation where children and youths suffer all manner of neglect, disadvantages, vulnerability and underprivileged situations, not only because they have lost their parents/guardians, but because other life trials have placed them at a position of deficit in well being and livelihood without clearly defined hopes and expectations. A state of alarming hopelessness usually attributed UNFAIRLY to God or to ‘faith’.

This is what we have challenged ourselves as a foundation to fight, and provide windows of hope and expectations through our programs. We provide a vehicle of hope for a good future for young people.

What we do: We...

  1. Lift
  2. Train and Build
  3. Club & Play
  4. Make Charitable Giving
  5. Support & Volunteer Services
  6. Youth Mobilization
  7. Consulting & Promotion
  8. International Relations

Our methods:

  1. Sports socialization
  2. Sports skill acquisition via interaction
  3. Sports demonstration (expression/performance)
  4. Sports motivational sessions
  5. Sports advocacy
  6. Sports seminars, conferences and awards

How we do it?

We focus on coaching members and volunteers on the five basic competency areas identified by Pittman (1991) as essential for youth success in adulthood, in addition to the CM&CRF’s skill-development methods. Read More

Through our projects, we offer youths:

  1. A sense of safety and structure in burgeoning.
  2. A sense of determination, strength, perseverance to achieve.
  3. An experience of active participation, group membership, and belonging.
  4. A sense of value and self-worth gained via meaningful contribution to projects.
  5. An experiment to discover self, gain independence and gain control over one's life.
  6. Opportunities to build relationships with peers and adults.
  1. A platform to discuss conflicting values and formulate yours.
  2. A sense of pride and accountability that come with mastery of an art.
  3. The capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible.
  4. The opportunity to support and contribute to the growth processes of deprived youths.
  5. The opportunity of learning how to make use of sport clubs/centres.

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