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  • Youth Outward Migration and Generating Positive Results: Don't let them run away!!!!! Yes, the economic situation in Nigeria has failed you as a youth; Yes, there are no viable and long-term solutions and opportunities to the travails of deprived children and anticipating youths; Yes, the existing government is not providing PROMPT solutions to your rights as citizens etc.
    Please do not give up, do not attempt to migrate to Europe and die in the ‘Libyas’ of this world.
    Take advantage of patience and perseverance and learn the art and act of training, skills development, discipline and making use of the intellect and ‘body’ blessings that your Lord God has blessed you with.
    Your CSR may help them become the next USAIN BOLT's of this world if they persevere.
  • An estimated 100,000 indigent and deprived youths are found in Cross River and this number is rising due to the challenging state of the economy. Most of these young people still live with parents and guardians who are experiencing all manner of life challenges and require some level of government succor and aid. Your company may take the lead in charting a course for the change that is required.
  • The term ‘deprivation’ as used here refers to children and youths who suffer all manner of neglect, disadvantages, vulnerability and underprivileged situations, not only because they have lost their parents/guardians, but because other life trials have placed them at a position of deficit in well being and livelihood without clearly defined hopes and expectations. A state of alarming hopelessness.
    This is what we have challenged ourselves as a foundation to fight, and provide windows of hope and expectations through our programs.

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